Prof. Dr. Greta Olson


The photograph was taken by Salar Baygan ( for a project on celebrating white hair initiated by Andrea Leicher, Oliver Metzler, and Nicolai Tilov.

Greta Olson was Fellow at the Käte Hamburger Center for Advanced Study in the Humanities “Law as Culture” in Bonn (2014, 2016) and is Professor of American and British Literature and Cultural Studies at the University of Giessen. She is a general editor of the European Journal of English Studies (EJES), and, with Jeanne Gaakeer, the co-founder of the European Network for Law and Literature. She works and wishes to facilitate projects on the nexus between artistic practice, political activism, and academic analysis and publishes in the areas of critical American studies, law and culture, feminism and sexuality studies, and narrative and politics.

Within the migration and human rights network, she is interested in developing a project on the cultural-political work of photographs of immigration. She will be teaching a seminar on Migration/Law/Gender in the winter term 2015-2016 to which members of the network such as Janna Wessels shall contribute. At the conference “Black America and the Police” (Bamberg, 20-23 October, 2016), Greta shall be holding a lecture on “Why Black Lives Matters to Us in Germany” that relates police violence to African Americans to prejudices concerning migrant men and criminality in Germany.


Forthcoming publications on migration and human rights include:

–“The Turn to Passion: Has Law and Literature become Law and Affect?” Special Issue of Law and Literature 28 (2016) on Legal Personhood, ed. Frans-Willem Korsten and Yasco Horstmann; available on academia-edu as author’s original manuscript.

–“Mapping the Pluralist Character of Cultural Approaches to Law.” Introduction to a Special Issue on “Law’s Pluralities: Arguments for Cultural Approaches to Law,” German Law Journal, ed. Greta Olson and Franz Reimer (2016).

–“Figuring Human Rights and Troping Law-and-Literature: Li-Young Lee’s Poetic Investigations of Refugeeism and Migration.” Special Issue of Amerikastudien on “American Poetry Imagines the Law,” ed. Birte Christ and Stefanie Mueller (2017).

–With Sarah Copland, Introduction: “Towards a Politics of Form.” Special Issue of the European Journal of the Study of English 20.3 (2016) on “The Politics of Form.”

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